COME, Holy Spirit, come;
   Let Thy bright beams arise;
Dispel the sorrow from our minds,
    The darkness from our eyes.
2      Cheer our desponding hearts,
    Thou heavenly Paraclete;
Give us to lie with humble hope
    At our Redeemer’s feet.
3      Revive our drooping faith,
    Our doubts and fears remove;
And kindle in our hearts the flame
    Of never-dying love.
4      Convince us of our sin;
    Then lead to Jesus’ blood;
And to our wondering view reveal
    The secret love of God.
5      ’Tis Thine to cleanse the heart,
    To sanctify the soul,
To pour fresh life in every part,
    And new create the whole.
6      Dwell therefore in our hearts,
    Our minds from bondage free;
Then shall we know and praise and love
    The Father, Son, and Thee.
Joseph Hart, 1712-68,
Augustus Montague Toplady, 1740-78