32 (2)Psalm 32 Version 27 6. 7 6
HOW blest are they whose trespass
   Has freely been forgiven,
Whose sin is wholly covered
    Before the sight of Heaven.
2  So let the godly seek Thee
    In times when Thou art near;
No whelming floods shall reach them,
    Nor cause their hearts to fear.
3  ‘I graciously will teach thee
    The way that thou shalt go,
And with Mine eye upon thee
    My counsel make thee know.
4  ‘But do not be unruly,
    Or slow to understand,
Be not perverse, but willing
    To heed My wise command.’
5  Then in the Lord be joyful,
    In song lift up your voice;
Be glad in God, ye ransomed,
    Rejoice, give thanks, rejoice!
The Psalter, 1912