O SPIRIT of the living God,
   In all the fulness of Thy grace,
Where’er the foot of man has trod,
    Descend on our apostate race.
2  Give tongues of fire and hearts of love
    To preach the reconciling word;
Give power and unction from above,
    Whene’er the joyful sound is heard.
3  Be darkness, at Thy coming, light;
    Confusion, order in Thy path;
Souls without strength inspire with might;
    Bid mercy triumph over wrath.
4  O Spirit of the Lord, prepare
    All the round earth her God to meet;
Breathe Thou abroad like morning air,
    Till hearts of stone begin to beat.
5  Baptise the nations; far and nigh,
    The triumphs of the Cross record;
The name of Jesus glorify,
    Till every kindred call Him Lord.
James Montgomery, 1771-1854