33 (1)Psalm 33 Version 18 8. 8 8. 8 8
COME, ransomed souls, in God rejoice,
   Your Maker’s praise deserves your voice;
Sing to His name, His Word, His ways,
Great works of nature and of grace;
Great is your theme: your song is new,
How wise and holy, just and true!
2  Justice and truth He ever loves,
And the whole earth His goodness proves,
Formed by the utterance of His mouth,
From east to west, from north to south;
His Word the perfect planet made,
And all the stars in order spread.
3  Our mighty Lord, Who caused their birth,
Controls the powers of sky and earth;
He holds in check the mighty seas,
And keeps them bound within their place;
E’en the vast regions of the deep,
His everlasting orders keep.
4  Let mortals tremble and adore
A God of such resistless power;
Nor dare disdain the sacred page
Of Him Who rules from age to age;
Vain are our thoughts, and weak our hands,
But His eternal counsel stands!
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡