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COME, Saviour Christ, our only Lord,
   Thou great Interpreter divine,
Explain Thine own transmitted Word,
    To teach and to inspire is Thine:
Thou only canst Thyself reveal,
Open Thy book, and loose its seal.
2  Whate’er the ancient prophets spoke
    Concerning Thee, O Christ, make known;
Chief subject of the sacred book,
    Thou fillest all, and Thou alone:
Yet there our Lord we cannot see
Unless Thy Spirit give the key.
3  Now, Jesus, now the veil remove—
    The folly of our darkened heart;
Unfold the wonders of Thy love,
    The knowledge of Thyself impart:
Our ears—our inmost souls we bow,
Speak, Lord, to us Thy servants now.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88