3405 5. 5 11
    ALL thanks be to God,
    Who scatters abroad,
    Throughout every place,
By word of His servants, the Gospel of grace!
2      He opened a door
    To penitent poor,
    And rescued from sin,
Admitting the harlots and publicans in;
3      They heard the glad sound,
    An liberty found—
    Through the blood of the Lamb—
With love and forgiveness in Jesus’ dear name.
4      His arm He has bared,
    And people prepared
    His glory to show
And speak of the power of His passion below.
5      O that we might know
    This mercy below,
    Our Saviour confess,
Embrace the glad tidings of pardon and peace!
6      O Lord over all,
    Effectually call
    To Jesus—‘the Way’,
And draw a great multitude near in this day.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88‡