HOW long hast Thou bestowed Thy care
   On our ungrateful, rebel land?
For of the nations far and near
    Few know such blessings from Thy hand.
2  Here peace and liberty have dwelt,
    The glorious Gospel brightly shone;
And oft our enemies have felt
    That God has made our cause His own.
3  But Heaven and earth have clearly heard
    Our vile rejection of that love.
We, though like children kindly reared,
    Rebels against Thy goodness prove.
4  Thy grace despised, Thy power defied,
    And legions of the foulest crimes,
Profanest sins of lust and pride
    All greatly mark the present times.
5  Lord, hear Thy people everywhere,
    Who meet to mourn, confess, and pray:
The nation and Thy churches spare,
    And let Thy wrath be turned away.
John Newton, 1725-1807