35 (2)Psalm 35 Version 27 7. 7 7
PLEAD my cause, O Lord, I pray,
   Earth and hell obstruct my way;
See against my soul they strive,
Seek my hurt, and plots contrive.
2  Shield and buckler are with Thee,
Grant protection, Lord, for me,
‘I am thy salvation,’ say,
Strengthen me to keep Thy way.
3  Inbred sin my soul annoys,
Unbelief my peace destroys,
Fiery darts the tempter flings,
Each new day a battle brings.
4  Jesus, when on earth He dwelt,
Sharpest pangs of conflict felt;
All the powers of darkness warred
With our great anointed Lord.
5  He has vanquished all His foes
For Himself, and all He chose;
His salvation is complete,
All shall worship at His feet.
6  Plead my cause and I shall be
Kept in strength and liberty;
I shall sing aloud Thy praise
Daily speaking of Thy ways.
Joseph Irons, 1785-1852‡