3546 6 4. 6 6 6. 4
SOUND, sound the Truth abroad,
   Bear now the Word of God
        Through the wide world;
Tell what our Lord has done;
Tell how the day is won,
And from his lofty throne
        Satan is hurled.
2  Speed on the wings of love!
Jesus, Who reigns above,
        Bids us to fly:
They who His message bear,
Should neither doubt nor fear,
He will their Friend appear,
        He will be nigh.
3  When on the mighty deep,
He will their spirits keep
        Stayed on His Word;
When in a distant land,
No other friend at hand,
Jesus will by them stand—
        Jesus, their Lord.
4  They who, forsaking all,
At their dear Master’s call,
        Comforts resign,
Soon will their work be done,
Soon will the prize be won,
Brighter than yonder sun,
        Then shall they shine.
Thomas Kelly, 1769-1855