3598 8 8. 3
SEEK ye first, not earthly pleasure,
   Fading joy and failing treasure;
But the love that knows no measure:
            Seek this first.
2  Seek ye first, not earth’s aspirings,
Ceaseless longings, vain desirings;
But your precious soul’s requirings:
            Seek this first.
3  Seek ye first God’s peace and blessing—
You have all if this possessing;
Come, your need and sin confessing:
            Seek Him first.
4  Seek Him first; then, when forgiven,
Pardoned, made an heir of Heaven,
Let your life to Him be given:
            Seek this first.
5  Seek this first: His promise trying—
It is sure, all need supplying.
Heavenly things—on Him relying—
            Seek ye first.
Georgiana Mary Taylor, 1871-1953