JESUS, Thy message speaks within:
   The mercy which Thy words reveal
Refines the heart from flesh and sin,
    And stamps its own authentic seal.
2  The guilty soul who trusts Thy blood,
    Finds peace and pardon at the cross:
The sinful heart, averse to God,
    Loves and believes the Father’s laws.
3  The doubting mind gives up its strife,
    When God’s converting mercies shine;
The voice that calls the dead to life,
    Must be almighty and divine!
4  ’Tis God’s inimitable hand
    That moulds the heart and mind anew;
Cynics no longer should withstand,
    But bow and own the doctrine true.
5  Questions and doubts are heard no more,
    Christ and His joy is all our theme;
His Spirit seals the Gospel sure
    To every soul that trusts in Him.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748