3688 8. 8 8. D
THE sinner that truly believes,
   And trusts in the crucified God,
A pardon at once then receives,
    Redemption in full through His blood;
The faith that unites to the Lamb,
    And brings such salvation as this,
Is more than mere notion or name:
    The work of God’s Spirit it is.
2  A principle, active and young,
    That lives under pressure and load,
This faith makes the fearful more strong,
    And draws the soul upward to God.
It says to the mountains, ‘Depart!’
    That stand between God and the soul;
It binds up the broken in heart,
    And makes wounded consciences whole.
3  It treads on the world, and on hell;
    It vanquishes death and despair;
And what is still stranger to tell,
    It overcomes Heaven by prayer:
Permits a vile worm of the dust
    With God to commune as a friend,
To live in devotion and trust,
    And walk in His love to the end.
Joseph Hart, 1712-68