39 (1)Psalm 39 Version 1LM
WHEN tried, O Lord, with grief and woe,
   I will not vent my sad complaints,
But guard my ways and keep my tongue,
    Before those who are not Thy saints.
2  Yet will I not hold back from prayer,
    But all my case to Thee present,
Lest inner griefs be stirred to fire,
    From brooding long in discontent.
3  Empty and lone though I may feel,
    Wearied by labour’s small reward,
Teach me that nothing is in vain,
    With Christ my Saviour and my Lord.
4  Silence my faithless murmurs now,
    May I be humbled, awed to dust;
Build and restore my flagging hope,
    And make Thy sovereign plan my trust.
5  Strengthen me now, my gracious Lord.
    How can I still a stranger be,
When I have tasted, O so much,
    Of friendship, light, and love from Thee?
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust