3966 5. 6 5. D
JESUS, I will trust Thee,
   Trust Thee with my soul,
Guilty, lost, and helpless,
    Thou canst make me whole.
There is none in Heaven
    Or on earth like Thee:
Thou hast died for sinners—
    Therefore, Lord, for me.
2  Jesus, I must trust Thee,
    Pondering Thy ways,
Full of love and mercy
    All Thine earthly days.
Sinners gathered round Thee,
    Lepers sought Thy face:
None too vile or loathsome
    For a Saviour’s grace.
3  Jesus, I do trust Thee,
    Trust without a doubt;
Whosoever cometh
    Thou wilt not cast out.
Faithful is Thy promise,
    Precious is Thy blood:
These my soul’s salvation,
    Thou my Saviour God!
Mary Jane Walker, 1816-78