4 (1)Psalm 4 Version 1DSM
    O GOD of righteousness,
   This humble suppliant hear,
Thou hast relieved me in distress,
    And Thou art always near:
    Again Thy mercy show,
    The peaceful answer send,
Assuage my grief, relieve my woe,
    And all my troubles end.
2      How long will godless men
    Discredit me aloud,
My honour and my glory stain,
    And vilify my God?
    How long will they delight
    In vanity and vice,
Against believers fiercely fight,
    And follow after lies?
3      Know, for Himself, the Lord
    Has surely set apart
All those who tremble at His Word,
    And seek an upright heart:
    And when to Him I pray,
    He promises to hear,
And help me in the evil day,
    And answer all my prayer.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88