4 (2)Psalm 4 Version 2DSM
    LET all now stand in awe,
    And from your sin depart;
Out of this evil world withdraw,
    And yield to God your heart.
    In thinking of His love
    Be wholly now employed,
Be still, nor from His presence move,
    But wait upon your God.
2      Offer your prayer and praise,
    Which He will not despise,
Through Jesus Christ your righteousness,
    Accepted sacrifice:
    Yield all your heart’s desires,
    And trust in Him alone,
Who gives the merit He requires,
    And freely saves His own.
3      Thou hast on us bestowed,
    All-gracious as Thou art,
The gladness of that sovereign good
    That warms and fills the heart:
    Above all earthly bliss,
    The sense of sin forgiven,
The hidden joy and perfect peace,
    And foretaste here of Heaven.
4      Of Gospel peace possessed,
    Secure in Thy defence,
Now, Lord, within Thine arms we rest,
    And none can pluck us thence:
    Not sin, nor earth, nor hell,
    Shall ever us remove,
When we, renewed in Christ, do dwell
    In His securest love.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88