40 (2)Psalm 40 Version 2
(vv 6-17)
THE offering on the altar burned
   Gives no delight to Thee;
The hearing ear, the willing heart,
    Thou, Lord, hast given to me.
2  Then, O my God, I come, I come
    Thy purpose to fulfil;
Thy law is written in my heart,
    ’Tis joy to do Thy will.
3  Before the people I will now
    Thy righteousness proclaim;
Thou knowest, Lord, I will not cease
    To praise Thy holy name.
4  Thy tender mercies, O my Lord,
    Withhold not, I implore;
But let Thy kindness and Thy Truth
    Preserve me evermore.
5  Let all who seek Thee now rejoice,
    And glad in Thee abide;
Let such as love salvation say,
    ‘The Lord be magnified!’
The Psalter, 1912