4027 6. 7 6. D
I THOUGHT that I was strong, Lord,
   And did not need Thine arm:
Though dangers thronged around me,
    My heart felt no alarm.
I thought I needed nothing
    From Thee: no help or sight;
And on I walked in darkness,
    Still thinking it was light.
2  But Thou hast pierced the spell, Lord,
    And roused me from my dreams;
Thy light has burst upon me
    With bright awakening beams.
I trust Thy blood to cleanse me,
    O tell me I’m forgiven;
And guide me on my pathway
    Until I come to Heaven.
3  O may I know I’m Thine, Lord,
    And none shall pluck away
This humbled soul now making
    Thine arm its only stay.
Thy kindness and Thy favour
    Are everything to me;
Accept me in Thy mercy,
    And keep me close to Thee.
Derived: Joseph Denham Smith’s Collection, 1860