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    I BRING my sins to Thee,
   The sins I cannot count,
    That I now cleansed may be
        In Thy once-opened fount:
I bring them, Saviour, all to Thee;
The burden is too great for me.
2      My heart to Thee I bring,
        The heart I cannot read,
    A faithless, wandering thing,
        An evil heart indeed:
I bring it, Saviour, now to Thee,
That fixed and faithful it may be.
3      My life I bring to Thee,
        I would not be my own;
    O Saviour, may I be
        Thine ever, Thine alone!
My heart, my life, my all, I bring
To Thee, my Saviour and my King.
Frances Ridley Havergal, 1836-79