JESUS, the sinner’s Friend!
   We hide ourselves in Thee:
God looks upon Thy sprinkled blood—
    It is our only plea.
2      He hears Thy precious name,
    We claim it as our own:
The Father must accept and bless
    His well-belovèd Son.
3      He sees Thy spotless robe,
    It covers all our sin;
The golden gates have welcomed Thee,
    And we may enter in.
4      Thou hast fulfilled the law,
    And we are justified:
Ours is the blessing, Thine the curse;
    We live, for Thou hast died.
5      Jesus, the sinner’s Friend!
    We cannot speak Thy praise:
No mortal voice can sing the song
    That ransomed hearts would raise.
6      But when before the throne,
    Upon the glassy sea,
Clothed in our blood-bought robes of white,
    We stand complete in Thee . . .
7      Jesus, we’ll give Thee then
    Such praises as are meet,
And cast ten thousand golden crowns
    Adoring at Thy feet!
Catherine Pennefather, d 1893