45 (4)Psalm 45 Version 48 7. 8 7. 4 7
LET us sing the King Messiah,
    King of righteousness and peace!
Hail Him, all His happy subjects,
    Never let His praises cease:
        Ever hail Him,
    Never let His praises cease.
2  How transcendent are Thy glories,
    Fairer than the sons of men;
While Thy blessèd mediation
    Brings us back to God again:
        Blest Redeemer,
    How we triumph in Thy reign!
3  Majesty, combined with meekness,
    Righteousness and peace unite
To ensure Thy blessèd conquests,
    On, great Prince, assert Thy right!
        Ride triumphant,
    All around the conquered world!
4  Blessed are all that touch Thy sceptre,
    Blessed are all that own Thy reign:
Freed from sin, that worst of tyrants,
    Rescued from its galling chain:
        Saints and angels,
    All who know Thee, bless Thy reign.
John Ryland, 1753-1825