46 (2)Psalm 46 Version 2DCM
GOD is our refuge and our strength,
   Our ever-present aid,
And, therefore, though the earth remove,
    We will not be afraid;
Though hills amidst the seas be cast,
    Though foaming waters roar,
And though the mighty billows shake
    The mountains on the shore.
2  A river flows whose streams make glad
    The city of our God,
The holy place wherein the Lord
    Most High has His abode;
Since God is in the midst of her,
    Unmoved her walls shall stand,
For God will be her early help,
    When trouble is at hand.
3  ‘Be still and know that I am God,
    O’er all exalted high;
The subject nations of the earth
    My name shall magnify.’
The Lord of hosts is on our side
    Our safety to secure;
The God of Jacob is for us
    A refuge strong and sure.
The Psalter, 1912