LORD, in the fulness of my might
    I would for Thee be strong,
Make Thy glad service my delight
    Thy glory all my song.
2  I would not give the world my heart,
    And then profess Thy love;
I would not see my strength depart
    And then Thy service prove.
3  I would not, Lord, with swift-winged zeal
    On this world’s errands go,
And labour up the heavenly hill
    With weary feet and slow.
4  O not for Thee my weak desires,
    My poorer, baser part!
O not for Thee my fading fires,
    The ashes of my heart!
5  O grant me in my golden time,
    A zealous servant’s part;
For Thee the glory of my prime,
    The fulness of my heart!
6  I cannot, Lord, too early take
    The covenant divine;
That happy heart shall never break
    Whose foremost love is Thine!
Thomas Hornblower Gill, 1819-1906‡