JESUS, our best belovèd Friend,
   Draw out our souls in pure desire;
Jesus, in love to us descend,
    Baptise us with Thy Spirit’s fire.
2  On Thy redeeming name we call,
    Poor and unworthy though we be;
Pardon and sanctify us all,
    Let each Thy full salvation see.
3  Our souls and bodies we resign
    To fear and follow Thy commands:
O take our hearts, our hearts are Thine,
    Accept the service of our hands.
4  Firm, faithful, watching unto prayer,
    May we Thy blessèd will obey,
Toil in Thy vineyard here, and bear
    The heat and burden of the day.
5  Yet, Lord, for us a resting-place
    In Heaven at Thy right hand prepare;
And till we see Thee face to face
    Be all our conversation there.
James Montgomery, 1771-1854