47 (1)Psalm 47 Version 1CM
COME, praise the Lord with sacred song,
   The Lord our sovereign King;
Let every land their tongues employ,
    And hymns of triumph sing.
2  Jesus our Lord ascends on high;
    His witnesses around
Attest Him rising through the sky,
    And preach the joyful sound.
3  Repeat His praise with awe profound,
    And understanding song!
Nor mock His name by giving sound
    Upon a thoughtless tongue.
4  Jesus the Lord holds righteous sway,
    O’er every time and place,
And all must face our King one day
    As Judge, or Prince of Grace!
5  May every island be the Lord’s!
    And may His love be known,
As powers and princes, shields and swords
    Submit before His throne.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡