47 (2)Psalm 47 Version 27 7. 7 7
GLORIOUS is the Lord Most High,
   Awesome is His majesty;
He His sovereign sway maintains,
King o’er all the earth He reigns.
2  Jesus is gone up on high,
Takes His seat above the sky:
Shout the angel-choirs aloud,
Echoing to the trump of God.
3  Sons of earth the triumph join:
Praise Him with the host divine;
Emulate the heavenly powers;
Their victorious Lord is ours.
4  Power is all to Jesus given,
Power o’er hell, and earth, and Heaven;
Power He now to us imparts;
Praise Him with believing hearts.
5  Wonderful in saving power,
Him let all our hearts adore;
Earth and Heaven repeat the cry—
‘Glory be to God Most High!’
Charles Wesley, 1707-88