50 (3)Psalm 50 Version 3CM
THE mighty God, the Lord, has called,
   To all our human race,
Proclaiming through His church below
    The riches of His grace.
2  Our God shall come with purging fire
    To vindicate His name,
And all who feign their love for Him,
    He’ll send away in shame.
3  How could my soul claim love for Him,
    And yet resist His Word?
Or by unworthy deeds and lusts
    Deny a heavenly Lord?
4  O great, all-seeing God on high,
    Increase my humble awe,
That I shall fear to slight Thy power,
    Or trifle with Thee more.
5  I’ll honour now my vows to Thee,
    And seek my Saviour’s face,
Live to His glory and obey,
    And bring Thee worthy praise.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust