* Ebenezer (Heb: ‘stone of help’) —
a public memorial to the help of
the Lord in 1 Samuel 7:12
BE still, my heart! all anxious cares
   Are hindrances, and thorns and snares;
They cast dishonour on my Lord,
And contradict His gracious Word.
2  Brought safely by His hand thus far,
Why should I now give place to fear?
How can I want if He provide,
Or lose my way with such a Guide?
3  When first before His mercy-seat
My all to Him I did commit,
He gave me warrant from that hour
To trust His wisdom, love and power.
4  Did trouble ever yet befall,
And He refuse to hear my call?
And has not He His promise passed
That I shall overcome at last?
5  He Who has helped me hitherto
Will help me all my journey through,
And give me daily cause to raise
New Ebenezers* to His praise.
6  Though rough and thorny be the road,
It leads me home apace to God;
Then count all present trials small,
For Heaven will make amends for all.
John Newton, 1725-1807