51 (2)Psalm 51 Version 28 8 6. 8 8 6
GOD of unfathomable love,
   Whose stores of deep compassion move
    To Adam’s fallen race:
Here, at Thy feet, a sinner see,
In tender mercy look on me,
    And all my sins efface.
2  Thee, Holy God, have I defied;
In judgement Thou art justified;
    Why should I be forgiven?
I long abused Thy patient grace,
And long provoked Thee to Thy face;
    I dared the wrath of Heaven.
3  O let Thy love to me o’erflow,
Thine all-surpassing kindness show:
    Abundantly forgive;
Remove my vile and guilty load,
Blot out my sin with Jesus’ blood,
    And bid this sinner live.
4  Take the strong power of sin away,
Nor let me in its bondage stay;
    My inmost soul convert;
O wash me from my ugly stain,
Come, Lord, and make me throughly clean,
    Create me pure in heart.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88