HOW frail and fallible am I!
   What weakness marks my changing frame!
Yet there is strength and comfort nigh,
    For Jesus, Thou art still the same.
2  Thy love immortal and divine,
    No coldness damps, no time destroys;
Through countless ages it will shine,
    Bright source of everlasting joys.
3  On Thy sure mercy I depend
    In all my trials, wants, and woes;
For Thou art an unchanging Friend;
    Sweet is the peace Thy hand bestows.
4  Hast Thou protected me thus far,
    To leave me in the dangerous hour?
Shall Satan be allowed to mar
    Thy work, or to resist Thy power?
5  O never wilt Thou leave the soul
    That flies for refuge to Thy breast!
Thy love which moved to make me whole,
    Shall guide me to eternal rest.
6  Though stars be from their courses hurled,
    Though mighty ruin should descend
Wide o’er a desolated world;
    The love of Jesus knows no end.
William Hiley Bathurst, 1796-1877