WHY should I sorrow more?
   I trust a Saviour slain,
And safe beneath His sheltering cross
    Unmoved I shall remain.
2      Let Satan and the world,
    Ever my heart allure;
The promises in Christ are made
    Unchangeable and sure.
3      The oath infallible
    Is now my spirit’s trust;
I know that He Who spoke the word,
    Is faithful, true, and just.
4      He’ll bring me on my way
    Unto my journey’s end;
He’ll be my Father and my God,
    My Saviour and my Friend.
5      So all my doubts and fears
    Shall wholly flee away,
And every mournful night of tears
    Be turned to joyous day.
6      All that remains for me
    Is but to love and sing,
And wait until the angels come
    To bear me to the King.
William Williams, 1717-91,
Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1834-92