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AWAY, distrustful care!
    I have Thy promise, Lord:
To banish all despair
    I have Thy pledge and word;
        And therefore I
            Shall see Thy face,
            And then Thy grace
        I’ll magnify.
2  Though sin would make me doubt,
    And fill my soul with fears,
Though God seem to shut out
    My daily cries and tears:
        Yet I shall rest
            Upon the word
            Of Thee, my God,
        That I am blest!
3  With Thy triumphant flock
    I soon shall numbered be;
Built on the eternal Rock,
    His glory I shall see;
        The heavens so high
            With praise shall ring,
            And all shall sing
        In harmony.
4  The sun is but a spark
    From the eternal Light!
Its brightest beams are dark
    To Thy most glorious sight!
        There the great choir
            With one accord
            Shall praise the Lord
        For evermore!
Richard Baxter, 1615-91