COMMIT now all your griefs
   And ways into His hands,
To His sure Truth and tender care,
    Who earth and Heaven commands.
2      Who points the clouds their course,
    Whom winds and seas obey,
He shall direct your wandering feet,
    He shall prepare your way.
3      Put all your trust in God,
    In duty’s path go on;
Fix on His work your steadfast eye,
    So shall your work be done.
4      No profit can be gained
    By self-consuming care;
To Him commend your cause; His ear
    Attends the softest prayer.
5      Through waves and clouds and storms
    He gently clears your way:
Wait, then, His time; so shall this night
    Soon end in joyous day.
6      Leave to His sovereign sway
    To choose and to command;
So shall you, wondering, own His way,
    How wise, how strong His hand!
7      Let us, in life and death,
    His steadfast Truth declare,
And publish with our latest breath
    His love and guardian care.
Paul Gerhardt, 1607-76,
tr John Wesley, 1703-91