MY Father, it is good for me
   To trust and not to trace;
And wait with deep humility
    For Thy revealing grace.
2  Lord, when Thy way is in the sea,
    And strange to mortal sense,
I see Thee in the mystery,
    And trust Thy providence.
3  I cannot grasp the secret things
    In this my dark abode;
I may not reach with earthly wings
    The heights and depths of God.
4  So, faith and patience! wait awhile,
    Not doubting, not in fear;
For soon in Heaven my Father’s smile
    Shall render all things clear.
5  Then Thou shalt end time’s short eclipse,
    Its dim uncertain night;
Bring in the grand apocalypse,
    Reveal the perfect light.
George Rawson, 1807-89