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GO not far from me, O my Strength,
   Whom all my times obey;
Take from me anything Thou wilt,
    But go not Thou away;
And let the storm that does Thy work
    Deal with me as it may.
2  There is no death for me to fear,
    For Christ, my Lord, has died;
There is no curse in this my pain,
    For He was crucified;
And it is fellowship with Him
    That keeps me near His side.
3  On Thy compassion I repose,
    In weakness and distress;
I will not ask for greater ease,
    Lest I should love Thee less:
It is a blessèd thing for me
    To need Thy tenderness.
4  When I am feeble as a child,
    And flesh and heart give way,
Then on Thy everlasting strength
    With passive trust I stay:
And the rough wind becomes a song,
    The darkness shines like day.
5  My heart is fixed, O God, my Strength,
    My heart is strong to bear;
I will be joyful in Thy love,
    And peaceful in Thy care:
Deal with me, for my Saviour’s sake,
    According to His prayer.
Anna Letitia Waring, 1820-1910