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    ARISE, my soul, arise,
    Shake off all doubting fears;
    The perfect sacrifice
        In my behalf appears:
Before the throne my Surety stands;
My name is written on His hands.
2      He ever lives above,
        For me to intercede,
    His all-redeeming love,
        His precious blood, to plead;
His blood secures His ransomed race
And speaks before the throne of grace.
3      The Father hears Him pray,
        His dear Anointed One;
    He cannot turn away
        The presence of His Son:
His Spirit answers to the blood,
And tells me I am born of God.
4      My God is reconciled,
        His pardoning voice I hear;
    He owns me for His child,
        I can no longer fear;
With confidence I now draw nigh,
And, ‘Father, Abba, Father!’ cry.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88