HONOUR and happiness unite,
   To give the Christian cause for praise;
How fair the scene, how clear the light
    That fills the remnant of his days!
2  A kingly character he bears,
    Unchanging priestly office knows,
Unfading is the crown he wears,
    Coupled with joys that never close.
3  Adorned with glory from on high,
    Salvation shines upon his face,
Clad in a robe of heavenly dye,
    Righteousness, dignity and grace.
4  Inferior honours he disdains,
    Nor stoops to seek applause from earth;
The King of kings Himself maintains
    The expenses of his heavenly birth.
5  The noblest being seen below,
    Ordained to share the throne above,
God gives him all He can bestow—
    His kingdom of eternal love!
6  The Christian marvels at the thought
    That, at the end, his soul will rise,
Angels admire his glorious lot
    With cries of welcome to the skies!
William Cowper, 1731-1800