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    WITH David’s Lord, and ours,
   A covenant once was made,
    Whose bonds are firm and sure,
        Whose glories ne’er shall fade;
Signed by the sacred Three in One,
In mutual love, ere time begun.
2      Firm as the lasting hills,
        This covenant shall endure,
    Whose powerful shalls and wills
        Make every blessing sure:
When ruin shakes all nature’s frame,
Its promises shall stand the same.
3      Here the vast seas of grace,
        Of love and mercy flow,
    More than the blood-bought race
        On earth can grasp or know:
O sacred deep without a shore,
Who shall thy wonders here explore?
4      Here, when our feet shall fall,
        Its mercy we shall see:
    Grace to restore the soul,
        And pardon, full and free;
We, with delight, shall God behold
As sheep restored to Zion’s fold.
5      And when through Jordan’s flood
        Our God shall bid us go,
    He shall our souls defend,
        And vanquish every foe;
And in this covenant we shall view
Sufficient strength to bear us through.
John Kent, 1766-1843‡