5787 7. 7 7. D
OBJECT of my first desire,
   Jesus crucified for me;
All to happiness aspire,
    Only to be found in Thee:
Thee to please, and Thee to know,
Constitute my bliss below;
Thee to see, and Thee to love,
Constitute my bliss above.
2  Lord, it is not life to live
    If Thy presence Thou deny;
Lord, if Thou Thy presence give
    ’Tis no longer death to die:
Source and Giver of repose,
Only from Thy smile it flows;
Peace and happiness are Thine;
Mine they are, if Thou art mine.
3  Whilst I feel Thy love to me,
    Every object teems with joy;
May I ever walk with Thee,
    For ’tis bliss without alloy:
Let me but Thyself possess,
Total sum of happiness:
Perfect peace I then shall prove,
Heaven below and Heaven above.
Augustus Montague Toplady, 1740-78