MY Lord, my life, my love,
   To Thee, to Thee I call:
I cannot live, if Thou remove,
    For Thou art All-in-all.
2      The smilings of Thy face,
    Such happiness they are!
’Tis Heaven to rest in Thine embrace,
    And nowhere else but there.
3      Not all the earth or sky,
    Can one delight afford;
No fleeting touch of deeper joy,
    Without Thy presence, Lord.
4      Thou art the source of love
    Whence all my pleasures flow;
The sphere in which my interests move,
    And all my hopes below.
5      To Thee my feelings fly
    With infinite desire;
And yet, how far from Thee I lie!
    Dear Jesus, raise me higher.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748