60Psalm 60CM
IN times of weakness and of blight,
   O turn to us again;
Renew our blessedness and light,
    And purge away our sin.
2  When punished sore and put to shame
    Beneath Thy chastening rod,
We grieve for slighting Thy great name
    And failing such a God.
3  Bind up our wounds and show Thy face;
    Restore our service, Lord.
Help us again display Thy grace,
    The banner of Thy Word.
4  Let all the regions of our land
    Submit to Jesus’ reign,
That multitudes may take their stand
    Within Thy house again.
5  We’ll Satan’s strongholds storm and take,
    Our Saviour to make known;
And by Thy power shall souls awake,
    And fall before Thy throne.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust