THE time is short ere all that live
   Shall hence depart, their God to meet:
And each a strict account must give,
    At Jesus’ solemn judgement seat.
2  The time is short, how can we tell
    How brief our life below may be?
Today—on earth our souls may dwell,
    Tomorrow—in eternity.
3  The time is short, and can we dare
    To squander these brief years away?
We look to Thee, O Lord, in prayer,
    Before we lose our fleeting day.
4  The time is short; may we rejoice!
    Our Saviour-King will quickly come;
Soon shall we hear the Saviour’s voice
    Invite us to His heavenly home.
5  The time is short, when time shall cease,
    Eternity be ushered in,
When death shall die, and joy and peace
    Shall with the Lord for ever reign.
Joseph Hoskins, 1745-88‡