610 (2)Version 27 7. 7 7. D
A sister in Christ has entered Paradise.
NOW the Christian’s course is run,
   Ended is the glorious strife;
Fought the fight, the work is done,
    Death is swallowed up of life:
Borne by angels on their wings,
    Far from earth the spirit flies,
Meets her Lord, and soars and sings,
    Triumphing in Paradise.
2  Lo! the prisoner is released,
    Lightened of her earthly load;
Where the victors are at rest,
    She is gathered unto God;
Lo! the pain of life is past,
    All her warfare now is o’er,
Death and hell behind are cast,
    Grief and suffering are no more.
3  Join we then, with one accord,
    In the new, the joyful song;
Absent from our loving Lord
    We shall not continue long;
We shall leave our house of clay,
    We a better lot shall share,
We shall see the realms of day,
    Meet our happy sister there.
4  Blessing, honour, thanks and praise,
    Pay we, gracious God, to Thee;
Thou, in Thine abundant grace,
    Givest us the victory;
True and faithful to Thy Word,
    Thou hast glorified Thy Son,
Jesus Christ, our Saviour-Lord,
    He for us the fight has won.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88