(Another hymn with the same first
line appears as No. 590)
I KNOW that my Redeemer lives;
   This thought transporting pleasure gives,
And standing, at the latter day
On earth His glories will display.
2  And though this present mortal frame
Sinks to the dust, from where it came—
Though buried in the silent tomb
Where years and nature shall consume . . .
3  Yet on that happy rising morn,
New life this body shall adorn;
My active powers refined shall be,
And God, my Saviour, I shall see.
4  My new-created form shall rise,
Adapted for the earth and skies;
A body earthly, yet sublime,
Above restraints of flesh and time.
5  These wondering eyes shall glories view
Unfolding, and for ever new;
And this new tongue shall ever sing
In praise of my Redeemer-King.
Based on John Williams, 1817-99