63 (1)Psalm 63 Version 1CM
EARLY, my God, without delay,
   I come to seek Thy face;
My thirsty spirit faints away
    Without Thy cheering grace.
2  So travellers in the desert sand
    Beneath a burning sky,
Long for a cooling stream at hand,
    Lest they should faint and die.
3  Thy glory, I have seen, and power,
    Within Thy temple shine;
O Lord, repeat that heavenly hour,
    That blessing so divine.
4  Not all the pleasures of a feast
    Could please my soul so well,
As when Thy richer grace I taste,
    And in Thy presence dwell.
5  Not life itself, with all her joys,
    Can my best feelings move;
Or raise so high my cheerful voice,
    As Thy forgiving love.
6  Thus, till my last expiring day,
    I’ll bless my God and King;
Lift my exulting heart to pray,
    My fervent voice to sing.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748