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SWEET place, sweet place alone,
   The Court of God Most High,
The Heaven of heavens, the throne
    Of spotless majesty!
        O happy place!
            When shall I be,
            My God, with Thee,
        And see Thy face?
2  The stranger homeward bends,
    So longing for his rest:
Heav’n is my home; my friends
    Lodge there in Abraham’s breast.
3  Life’s but a sorry tent,
    Pitched for a few frail days,
A short-leased tenement;
    Heaven is my song, my praise:
4  No tears from any eyes
    Fall in that holy choir;
But death itself there dies,
    And sighs themselves expire.
5  There shall temptations cease,
    There shall my frailties end;
There shall I rest in peace,
    Embraced by my best Friend.
Samuel Crossman, 1624-83