6347 6. 7 6
O PARADISE eternal!
   What bliss to enter thee,
And once within thy portals,
    Secure for ever be!
2  In thee no sin or sorrow,
    No pain or death is known;
But pure glad life, enduring
    As God’s eternal throne.
3  There all around shall love us,
    And we return their love;
One band of happy spirits,
    One family above.
4  There God shall be our portion,
    And we His jewels be;
And gracing His bright mansions,
    His smile reflect and see.
5  So songs shall rise for ever,
    While all creation fair,
Still more and more revealing
    Shall wake fresh praises there.
6  O Paradise eternal,
    What joys in thee are known!
O God of mercy, guide us,
    Till all be felt our own!
Thomas Davis, 1804-87