641Revelation 7:13-177 7. 7 7
WHO are these arrayed in white,
   Brighter than the noonday sun,
Home-called of the sons of light,
    Now before th’eternal throne?
2  These are they who bore the cross,
    Faithful to their Master died,
Suffered in His righteous cause,
    Followers of the Crucified.
3  Out of great distress they came,
    And their robes by faith below,
In the blood of Christ the Lamb,
    They have washed as white as snow.
4  More than conquerors at last,
    Here they find their trials o’er:
They have all their sufferings passed,
    Hunger is, and thirst, no more.
5  He that on the throne doth reign
    Them for evermore shall feed,
With the tree of life sustain,
    To the living fountain lead.
6  He shall all their griefs remove,
    He shall all their wants supply;
God Himself, the God of love,
    Tears shall wipe from every eye.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88