6477 7. 7 7
JESUS, with Thy church abide;
   Be our Saviour, Lord, and Guide,
Keep our life and doctrine pure;
Grant us patience to endure.
2  May our voice be ever clear,
Warning of a judgement near;
May we lead the poor and blind,
Seek the lost until we find.
3  May our lamp of Truth be bright;
Help us bear aloft its light;
May we numerous triumphs win,
Overthrow the hosts of sin.
4  All our fettered powers release;
Bid all strife and envy cease;
May we one in doctrine be,
One in Truth and charity.
5  Keep our love from growing cold;
Make us watchmen strong and bold;
May we thus all glorious be,
Filled with zeal and fire for Thee.
Adapted cento from Thomas Benson Pollock, 1836-96