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    THOU God of Truth and love,
   We seek Thy perfect way,
    Ready Thy choice to approve,
        Thy providence to obey:
Enter into Thy wise design,
And sweetly lose our will in Thine.
2      Why hast Thou cast our lot
        In the same age and place?
    And why together brought
        To see each other’s face?
To join with loving sympathy,
And blend, as friendly souls, in Thee?
3      Didst Thou not make us one,
        That we might one remain,
    Together travel on,
        And bear each other’s pain;
Till all Thy utmost goodness prove,
And rise renewed in perfect love?
4      Surely Thou didst unite
        Our kindred spirits here,
    That all hereafter might
        Before Thy throne appear;
Meet at the marriage of the Lamb,
And all Thy glorious love proclaim.
5      Then let us ever bear
        This blessèd end in view,
    And join, with mutual care,
        To press our passage through;
And kindly help each other on,
Till all receive the final crown.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88